What does the Tribe do together?

Ours is a close-knit social structure. We’re polyamorous, meaning we are not possessive of each other’s love and sex lives. We are kinky, meaning we’re into many facets of the BDSM lifestyle. Aside from the sex and flogging, we spend a lot of time just being together. We eat together. We watch movies together. We sit around the fire and look at the stars together. We sing, laugh and share stories. We teach each other survival skills. We listen and support. We have each other’s backs. We create a space where everyone can be open and their true selves.

We take care of each other physically, emotionally and spiritually. We entertain one another. We play games around the table (Cards Against Humanity, Scrabble, Poker, etc.) We share and promote each other’s hobbies like archery, musical instruments, crafts, etc. We protect one another. We devote our time and resources to defend and provide for the tribe. In return we have a safe haven where we nurture and love one another openly, without shame and without secrets.

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